With over 20 Wine Tour Companies operating in Kelowna & the Okanagan Valley, there is something for everyone and every budget. 

To make things easy, we’ve put together comparisons that will help you choose the Best Wine Tour. 

  1. Private Wine Tours vs Public Wine Tours: there is a big difference between Private & Public. If you’re planning a special occasion, seek to impress that special someone or simply want an intimate and customized experience, then a Private Wine Tour is the way to go. If you’re interested in meeting new people, sharing a bus and happy to drive around picking up and dropping off other groups in your shared vehicle, then a Public Wine Tour is your thing. 
  2. Custom Wine Tours vs Regular Wine Tours: it’s important to do your research, not every company offers the same options. Are you interested in picking the wineries, wine region and your lunch destination? If you answer is "hell yes", a Private Custom Wine Tour is exactly what you’re searching for. This allows you to pick the wineries, wine region and lunch venue as the entire day is carefully curated for you. Want a later start time, or a longer lunch, these are all benefits of booking a Custom Wine Tour. If you don’t mind a smaller selection of wineries that are preselected for you or choosing from a limited selection of Wine Regions, then a Regular Wine Tour will meet your needs.
  3. All-Inclusive Tours vs Hidden Fee Tours: let’s be honest, most people like to search for a deal. However, just because something appears to be a deal, doesn’t always mean you’re getting a deal. If you select an "All-Inclusive Wine Tour", it should clearly list the things that are included, along with any additional fees or exclusions to the offer. Hidden Fee Tours can be sold as the cheapest or most affordable Wine Tour often tricking you into thinking your getting a deal. Are you responsible for Tasting Fees, Lunch, an Automatic Gratuity that you pay at the end of the tour? You may want to crunch the numbers and question what you could be missing out on by purchasing this steal of a deal tour. Why are they a discounted operator? Have you taken the time to read their reviews, view their tour vehicles and drivers? As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. 
  4. Small Owner Operator vs Large Tour Operator: it might not seem like an important consideration, but we’ve all experienced firsthand the difference between a small local grocery store and a mega mart like Walmart. With limited quantity a Small Owner Operator focuses on quality and delivering a high standard of service every tour. You can expect to get top notch service from the first interaction until the end of your experience and have every detail taken care of. They have the ability and time to focus on you their one and only customer. With a Large Operator, it’s a numbers game and quality control can often go out the window. Hiring someone to represent your business isn’t always easy or effective, they don't have the same investment as an owner. You may end up paying full price and it’s your guides first day on the job! It can also be difficult serving large groups of people, and operating multiple tours a day while keeping the focus on you, the customer, one of their customers. You may feel like a number and that’s not always the experience you’re looking for. 
  5. Professional Driver Training vs Driver Licensing: safety is always important, if it wasn’t you wouldn’t need a driver. Have you thought about safety and the individual operating your tour vehicle? There are many different classes of Licenses required to operate different vehicles on the road, but not all of them require driver training. A Class 1 License is the highest Drivers License you can obtain that permits you to operate any motor vehicle on the road excluding a motorcycle. It maybe worth knowing if your driver has Professional Driver Training under their belt or instead are operating with a basic Licence that permits anyone to drive on the road. 

At Lust 4 Luxury Tours we are proud to be 100% Female Owned & Operated. We want our guests to have the most memorable experience possible. We limit our tours to one a day so we can provide our guests with the Best Kelowna & Okanagan Valley Wine Tour Experience possible. Every itinerary is customized for our valued guests, and we never use a cookie cutter approach for your Private Custom Wine Tour Experience. 

We offer all-inclusive Private Custom Wine Tours, that include: a custom itinerary, luxury transportation in a fully loaded Mercedes-Benz AMG SUV for 2-6 guests, group tasting fees at 4-5 wineries, a relaxing 1.5-hour lunch reservation, a knowledgeable, fun, and professional guide – Stacey Lust, cold bottled water, beautiful photos with a link, and a treat at the end of the day! You can add additional experiences such as a Cellar Tour, Barrel Tasting, and Paired Food & Wine Experiences for an additional fee.

Our guests deserve the best and we deliver the best. Don’t take our word for it check out what previous guests are saying about us from the hundreds of 5 STAR Reviews we have. Mrs. Lust takes your safety seriously and possesses an Unrestricted Class 1 Driver’s License with over 125 hours of Professional Driver Training. There is no group too big or too small, Mrs. Lust can personally drive them all! When it comes to planning your Holiday, Anniversary, Birthday, Bachelorette Party or Special Occasion Mrs. Lust is dedicated to working with you from the beginning until the end making sure you have the Best Wine Tour Experience in Kelowna & The Okanagan Valley.